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PRESENT offers a delightful selection of Gløgg spices from Kandy Spices, known for their captivating fragrance, rich taste, and their positive impact on Sri Lankan farmers. These wild-grown spices create an instant Christmas spirit when you open the lid, making them a unique and appealing addition to any celebration.

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Company profile
Company profile

Kandy’s forest garden is a unique ecosystem with plants and trees growing in symbiotic harmony.


Kandy Spices was established in 2016 by Chef and owner David de Silva, with a mission to share Sri Lanka’s gastronomic heritage with the world. Inspired by his father’s chilli recipes, de Silva sought to fill the market gap with exceptional products. Starting with chilli products, the company later expanded into chai blends and spices from Kandyan Forest Gardens. The name “Kandy Spices” pays homage to the de Silva family’s roots in the beautiful city of Kandy, situated in Sri Lanka’s highlands. Their dedication to capturing the essence of Sri Lanka’s spices remains at the brand’s heart.


Kandy Spices stands out for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Building solid relationships with local spice farmers, the company minimises middlemen to ensure spice quality and fair pricing for farmers. Emphasizing biodiversity, natural cultivation methods, and community support, they collaborate with small family farms following the Kandyan Forest Garden system, a unique ecosystem where plants and trees coexist harmoniously. These sustainable farming practices promote the economic sustainability of the region and support generations of spice cultivators.


Kandy Spices’ single-origin spices boast exceptional aroma and taste, representing Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage. Sourced from forest gardens around Kandy, the spices are cultivated using the natural Kandyan Forest Garden system, free from harmful chemicals and artificial fertilizers. The company takes pride in its commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring a unique flavour profile in its spices.


Kandy Spices’ dedication to sustainability and social responsibility has a positive impact on people and the planet. By partnering with small family farms that embrace the Kandyan Forest Garden system, the company enhances biodiversity and minimizes harmful practices. This approach guarantees that the customers receive the finest spices while protecting the environment. Additionally, Kandy Spices prioritizes fair treatment for local farmers, ensuring that their livelihoods are sustainable and contributing to the region’s economic prosperity. Through their products, Kandy Spices aims to connect people with Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, fostering a deeper appreciation for traditional practices and promoting sustainable farming for a brighter future.