Frederiksdal – Cherry wine

In the present

PRESENT has selected the vintage wine from Frederiksdal. This wine is the most fruity of the Frederiksdal wines. The taste is deep, with notes of the berry's original fresh sweetness and acidity. It is served in Danish and international Michelin restaurants and has received numerous international awards. Perfect for dark chocolate, fresh berries, blue cheeses and Christmas desserts.

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"Cherish the cherry"


Since 2006, Frederiksdal has been dedicated to preserving cherry biodiversity and exploring new possibilities. Their range of critically acclaimed cherry wines reflects the meticulous approach to winemaking, drawing inspiration from centuries of grape wine production.


As the first vineyard worldwide to produce quality wines from cherries using time-tested wine-making principles, Frederiksdal blends old traditions with a fresh interpretation and innovative approach. The result is a truly exceptional Frederiksdal cherry wine that expands the horizons of taste and offers real treats for the palate.


Frederiksdal cherry wine stands as a world-class Danish wine, garnering awards and glowing reviews beyond any previously seen for a Danish wine made from the unique Stevns cherry – a Nordic gem. The accolades include a gold medal at the Danish Wine Show (Dansk Vinskue) 2021 for Frederiksdal’s Kirsebærlikør, along with international recognition in Michelin-starred restaurants.


At Frederiksdal Estate, they have chosen a path prioritizing taste and biodiversity over efficiency and quantity. Their ambition is to plant trees that preserve and enrich the amazing nature and biodiversity of the land. While farming is their business, they are dedicated to leaving a legacy of healthy land for future generations. Ultimately, their goal is to produce wines that capture the essence of the fruit, offering a delightful experience with every sip.