Kazi Yetu – Chai tea blend

In the present

Kazi Yetu has made an exceptional chai filled with the rich flavours of spices from Zanzibar and Tanga (75g). This meticulously crafted infusion captures the essence of Zanzibar’s rich spice heritage, offering a symphony of flavours that harmonise tradition and innovation. Savour each sip of Zanzibar Chai and embark on an expedition to the Zanzibar’s sun-soaked fields and bustling spice markets. This blend encapsulates the authenticity and flavours of the region, inviting you to relish the magic of an age-old tradition.

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Transparency in the value chains

Kazi Yetu ensures complete transparency in their supply chain by providing a QR code on their packaging. This allows customers to track the journey of their product and understand the impact of their purchase, ensuring a responsible and transparent supply chain from sourcing to production.

Positive social impact

Kazi Yetu creates valuable long-term jobs for women in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, by running an almost all-women factory. They pay premium prices to over 2,500 smallholder farmers for their ingredients, contributing to livelihoods across East Africa. Moreover, their fair working conditions and commitment to empowering marginalized groups promote social inclusion and economic stability in the region.

Environmentally friendly

Kazi Yetu prioritizes environmental protection by sourcing natural ingredients from producers who adhere to organic farming principles. Their solar-powered factory covers 50-60% of its energy needs with solar energy, reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, their packaging is made from biodegradable materials, such as cornstarch for pyramid tea bags and recyclable kraft paper, further minimizing their environmental impact.

Fair and ethical trade

Kazi Yetu practices fair trade principles by creating a platform in the Global South for products where the entire value creation takes place in the country of origin. They ensure fair working conditions for their employees, paying 80% above the Tanzanian minimum wage and providing health insurance. Moreover, they pay premium prices to smallholder farmers for their products, supporting local communities and promoting economic resilience.

Company profile

Kazi Yetu is a socially responsible B Corp company with operations in Tanzania and distribution in Germany. They specialize in manufacturing gourmet food and beverage products made in East Africa, focusing on traceability, fairness, and sustainability. By promoting products that are traceable, fair, and sustainable, they cater to conscious consumers seeking ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products.


Company History

Kazi Yetu, a social enterprise, was founded in 2018 by Tahira Nizari and Hendrik Buermann with a vision to uplift Africa’s economy. Their mission is to create complete end products in Tanzania, redistributing economic gain and building local value chains while generating valuable jobs. Both founders possess significant experience in development cooperation and empowering marginalized population groups.

Company Profile

Today, Kazi Yetu operates as a B Corp company, with operations based in Tanzania and distribution from Germany. They focus on producing gourmet food and beverages made in East Africa. The company collaborates with emerging agricultural businesses, providing support in branding, product presentation, marketing, and sales, exclusively promoting traceable, fair, and sustainable products. Kazi Yetu runs an almost all-women factory in Dar es Salaam, offering long-term employment opportunities for women. They source ingredients from over 2,500 farmers, paying a premium price to improve livelihoods across the region. Their target market consists of conscious consumers seeking traceable, sustainable, and fair products.

Product Profile

Kazi Yetu’s unique product range includes sustainably grown, single origin teas blended with exotic spices and herbs from smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Zanzibar. The teas are packed by young women in their own factory in Dar es Salaam. All tea blends are completely natural, free from artificial or other flavorings, and are offered in biodegradable pyramid tea bags or loose leaf form. Currently, they offer eight distinct blends in Europe, with plans to expand their product range in the upcoming months.


Kazi Yetu practices fair trade by manufacturing products locally and investing in local supply chains, creating economic opportunities in the Global South. The company provides fair working conditions, offering wages 80% above the Tanzanian minimum wage and health insurance to employees and their children, with a focus on employing young women in vulnerable situations. They prioritize environmental protection by sourcing ingredients from organic producers and generating 50-60% of their factory’s energy from solar power. Additionally, Kazi Yetu promotes transparency through QR codes on their packaging, enabling customers to trace their product’s journey and understand its impact. Overall, their commitment to economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, and social inclusivity makes them a remarkable catalyst for positive change in East Africa.