Mark Hermann – Chocolates

In the present

Inside the present lies a selection of some of Scandinavia’s finest handmade chocolates (9 pieces), skillfully crafted by the renowned chocolatier, Mark Hermann. These chocolates offer a delightful range of flavours, from fresh and deep to smooth creaminess, each infused with the natural essence of top-quality fruits and nuts. True works of art, these chocolates are shaped and perfected with organic colours derived from berries and plants, transcending the boundaries between confectionery and fine art.

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Transparency in the value chains

Mark Hermann Chocolate prioritizes transparency in its production process, ensuring customers have insight into how their sweet treats are made. From the selection of ingredients to the creation of handcrafted cakes, desserts, and chocolate confections, every step of the process is carefully documented and shared with customers, fostering trust and accountability in the supply chain.

Positive social impact

Mark Hermann Chocolate actively engages with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those related to social issues and wildlife preservation. By prioritizing fair working conditions for employees, supporting local communities, and using cruelty-free ingredients, the company contributes to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Environmentally friendly

The company's commitment to sustainability extends to its environmental practices, with a focus on reducing waste, using eco-friendly packaging, and adopting energy-efficient practices. By selecting organic ingredients and minimizing its environmental footprint, Mark Hermann Chocolate strives to protect natural habitats and promote biodiversity.

Fair and ethical trade

While specific details about fair trade practices are not provided, Mark Hermann Chocolate's dedication to social responsibility and ethical business practices suggests a commitment to fair treatment of workers and suppliers. By promoting fair working conditions and ethical sourcing, the company contributes to a more equitable and sustainable global supply chain.

Company profile

Mark Hermann Chocolate is an eco-friendly pastry shop specializing in handcrafted cakes, desserts, and chocolate confections. Rooted in a philosophy of preserving the art of fine craftsmanship and prioritizing high-quality, delicious products, the company combines culinary excellence with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Through its dedication to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Mark Hermann Chocolate aims to create a positive impact on both people and the planet while delivering exceptional taste and quality to its customers.


Company History

The journey of Mark Hermann Chocolate began many years ago when Mark discovered his passion for baking and pastry. This led him to train as a pastry chef, eventually igniting his deep love for working with chocolate. Mark’s talent and dedication earned him a place in the prestigious Danish national pastry team for five years. He participated in various championships and also showcased his culinary skills in Michelin-starred restaurants, honing his expertise at the highest level. This experience laid the foundation for the excellence that characterizes Mark Hermann Chocolate today.

Company Profile

Mark Hermann Chocolate operates with a firm commitment to sustainability and the belief that future generations deserve access to Earth’s resources. Aligning with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we actively engage in promoting a better balance between consumption and production. We are particularly focused on addressing social issues and wildlife preservation, reflecting our dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Product Profile

Our eco-friendly pastry shop is a haven for handcrafted cakes, desserts, and chocolate confections. With a strong emphasis on preserving the art of fine craftsmanship, our skilled artisans create exquisite treats that are not only delicious but also sustainable. Every creation is meticulously handmade, delivering a unique and memorable experience that celebrates the rich heritage of pastry-making. We use only the finest ethically sourced ingredients to ensure that our products reflect our commitment to quality and responsible practices.


At Mark Hermann Chocolate, we are proud to be a business that operates in line with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our dedication to social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and wildlife preservation is evident throughout our operations. From sourcing materials to adopting eco-friendly practices, we strive to create a positive impact on the planet while delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. We prioritize fair working conditions for our employees and actively engage in efforts to reduce waste, use sustainable packaging, and embrace energy-efficient practices. Our commitment to wildlife preservation drives us to choose cruelty-free ingredients and minimize our ecological footprint, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our actions with the world around us.